photo editing, Clipping Pathphoto editing, Clipping Path

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Hand-drawn clipping path, high-quality image editing, quick turnaround time — all starting at just $0.25 USD/photo.

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When it comes to clipping path, attention to detail is essential for creating a lifelike image. You need perfect clipping paths and photo cut-outs so consumers will buy your products and clients will love your photos. Regardless of the role images play in your work, you get accurate, clean clipping paths — every time. 

At Clipping World King, we know how important it is to create images that don’t look like they were edited, images that have perfectly drawn clipping paths. That attention to detail results in impressive, realistic-looking images. We hand draw every clipping path and photo cut-out with the Photoshop Pen Tool to ensure we have full control and can achieve clean, finished edges on all images. Our dedication to delivering quality clipping path services to help you meet your tight deadlines and budgets. Professional, high-quality clipping paths are what we deliver — it’s in our name.

photo editing, Clipping Pathphoto editing, Clipping Path

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photo editing, Clipping Pathphoto editing, Clipping Path
photo editing, Clipping Pathphoto editing, Clipping Path

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Clipping Path is part and parcel of image editing and the simplest way to deep etch a digital picture and delete its background. Technically a clipping path means a closed vector path or shape in image editing software. Clipping path — also known as image clipping, deep etching, photo cut-out. eCommerce businesses are in frequent need of professional clipping path services. And we are the Best Clipping Path Service Provider.

There are several ways to implement a clipping path. You can choose to employ any one of the ways that will work best for your requirements.

Basic Clipping Path

This is the simplest of the clipping path techniques, and of course, the most inexpensive. If your products don’t have too many curved edges and are a solid image needing to be clipped, go for this.

A Basic Clipping path would best for products like books, product boxes, smartphone Etc.

Simple Clipping Path

Don’t go by its name alone, this is more complex than the basic technique. so it usually costs just a little bit more than a basic clipping path. It uses more curved edges and is ideal for products, like mugs, that has a “hole” in their imagery.

A Simple Clipping path would be best for products like sunglasses, t-shirts, clothing,  simple jewelry Etc.

Multiple Clipping Path

This is a combination of a complex technique along with several clipping paths needed within the main image itself, for example, photos of grouped products, or pictures needing color correction.

Multiple clipping paths will save a lot of your time and Money. using multiple clipping paths can save you the trouble of re-shooting if you change the product colors or you need to make changes on the product shadows in only a portion of the image.

Medium Clipping Path

When the image you have requires several clipping paths to be used and merged to get the finished picture, then the relatively complex medium clipping path technique is called for. Medium clipping paths are often complex enough from a basic and simple clipping path. so it usually costs a bit more than a basic and simple clipping path.

Use Medium clipping paths to remove backgrounds from products like the grouping of simple items.

Complex Clipping Path

Sometimes one has to work with images that have complicated edges and to deep etch them, the complex clipping path method becomes useful. The complex clipping path usually takes more time than a simple and medium clipping path. That’s why a complex clipping path costs more than a simple and medium clipping path.

Images with models, an array of multiple products, any product with mesh would require a complex clipping path.

Super Complex Clipping Path

When neither complex nor multiple methods are enough to do justice to a complicated product photo, then the super complex clipping path is necessary to be used. As super complex clipping path takes more time and care though the cost expressively higher than from other types of clipping path. To make an excellent image masking super complex clipping path needs to be used in the connection.

Use a super complex clipping path to remove backgrounds from a very complex jewelry image. Also, a super complex clipping path used for an array of furry objects, complex furniture pictures, Grouped of single products Etc.


We value the importance of your time, money, and business and understand how low-quality work can adversely affect your revenue. The core value of our company is conversion based on the impression which means we will only get your business if you are satisfied with our work.

photo editing, Clipping Path


With our fast turn-around time frame be sure to meet the shortest possible deadlines. We can present you with our customized quote within 45 min of you placing your request. Experience our responsive customer service to save on your time. we always care about our customer’s time.

photo editing, Clipping Path


We are best known for our affordable prices without hampering the quality of our deliverables. It does not matter if you have one or thousands, you are sure to find our prices within your budget. The best service at a cheap rate is our main motto !!

photo editing, Clipping Path

A clipping path is basically a vector way that defines what part of the picture is obvious and what part is transparent. To create a path around the object you need to use a pen tool from the toolbar of Photoshop.

To create a perfect clipping path follow the below steps :

  1. First, select the pen tool in Photoshop. Then from the left side of the screen, select plate paths. And then select the path tool at the bottom.
  2. After the first step is done Zoom in the image; usually 200-300% works well. Now start to create paths around the objects. This should be done very softly so that you do not miss any aspects of the object. You must have to be careful about the edge of the objects. All the edges from the object should be explicitly highlighted.
  3. After the second step is done you’ll want to click Paths, and then click Layers. Click the image in this section, and an option for the first layer and the background should appear. Click the middle icon underneath, which should reveal a menu that has a “Solid Color” option. Click this, and select the background color you want, which is usually white, and you’re done!!

Who Needs Clipping Path Services?

Regardless of whether you have a solitary picture or a gigantic group from your most recent photoshoot, clipping path services are suitable for various situations. Also, our clipping path image-editing services aren’t held for Photoshop amateurs.

Busy professional photographers with huge bunches need hours to carefully edit the entirety of the photos from an ongoing product photoshoot. Consultants and organizations that have tight customer cutoff times to meet have huge amounts of different expectations to fight. Furthermore, eCommerce retailers who know how to utilize Photoshop are concentrating on the best way to move the needle — not how to precisely draw a clipping path.

We take the pressure and dullness of the section way off your plate so you can fulfill your time constraints and remain under the financial plan.

What Is Clipping Paths Uses?

  • Background removal is the most popular use.
  • Sometimes, instead of categorically the background, you might need just to hide it.
  • If you wish to alter the shape of an image or select a specific portion of the picture for editing.
  • As mentioned, color correction can be done effectively when using multiple clipping path techniques.

Unless you need the simplest clipping path methods for your project, it is recommended to get expert help in this complex venture. We, at Clipping World King, know the various levels of complications associated with this image editing process. For quality images to put on your e-commerce site, you need our help if you want the finished pictures to look authentic and attractive.

Clipping World king is the Best Clipping Path Service Provider. It has a huge amount of highly qualified professionals. They have many years of experience in providing high-quality hand-drawn clipping paths and deep-etching services. This group of professional Graphics designers is masters of the Photoshop pen tool. These professionals know the importance of Clipping Path for your images and they give the best quality for Clipping Path Services all over the world. Clipping World king has become the Best Clipping Path Service Provider for its remarkable working abilities and practical experience. We always take care of the details of Every particular image.

When drawing a clipping path, We always take a close look at the images and we create the perfect amount of anchor points to keep the natural shape of the object. We believe in quality work that’s why as we promised we always give a hand-drawn clipping path. we don’t automate the clipping paths. Also, we don’t use tools like Magic wand for Quick selection and Path creation. We give a guarantee to our customers that Clipping world king will offer the high quality professional hand-drawn clipping path.

we always take care of our customer’s demand. No matter how many images you need to edit we will make sure the best quality for every single image. Customers who take Clipping World King services have a great experience with Clipping World King and acknowledge It as one of the Best Clipping Path Service Provider. Most of our customers are from the USA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Uk, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Japan, and the Netherlands. Clipping World King is also known as the Best Clipping Path Service Provider in the USA. Because More than 75% of our customers are from the USA. We have vast popularity in the USA as the Best Clipping Path Service Provider.

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