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, Color variants & color changing draft

Color Variants & Color Changing

What does Color Variants & Color Changing mean?

Sometimes you may need to alter the color of the images that you wish to showcase to the clients of your business. Colour manipulation is a seriously challenging image editing technique and needs the utmost care and creative spirit to successfully achieve it. This type of image editing that uses variation, change, and correction of the original color in a picture is the essence of this service.



, Color variants & color changing draft

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, Color variants & color changing draft

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, Color variants & color changing draft

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, Color variants & color changing draft

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, Color variants & color changing draft

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, Color variants & color changing draft


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, Color variants & color changing draft


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, Color variants & color changing draft


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There are four principal ways in which colour variant and colour changing services can be done in image editing.

Match Color:

This is a command function in Photoshop software which corresponds to the color between a source and a target photo. If you have multiple pictures needing a consistent coloring effect in the different sets of images, this is the way to go.

Color Range:

If your requirement is selecting completely or partially a particular color or set of colors in a photo, while deselecting the colors which are not identical, then this command function is useful. As this functionality can also auto-detect faces in a picture, touching up subject faces in a photo is another type of image editing service that uses this method.

Color Picker:

This is a popular tool for color changing in Photoshop. You can modify the background of your picture using it. When selected, this tool opens a box of selection for you to choose whatever color you want from the spectrum of colors available, or customize and create color by putting arbitrary numerical values in the RGB boxes

, Color variants & color changing draft
, Color variants & color changing draft


What if you are not sure which color you want to change the original image into? The Eyedropper tool in Photoshop helps to sample colors from an image so that you know how it looks like before proceeding any further.

What is Color Variants & Color Changing uses?

◘ When you have a product that looks identical except their color, instead of taking new pictures and processing them, you can use the color variant service.

◘ Sometimes even clicking a new picture doesn’t produce that look which you wish to showcase, and hence color-changing service becomes necessary.

◘ This is the most cost-effective way to introduce a new colored product in your existing product line.

, Color variants & color changing draft

Why come to us for Color Variants & Color Changing us?

At Clipping World King, the importance of your coloring needs is taken seriously. It is so often the case that you have a great set of photos, but the coloring in those images are not to your liking. What is the best alternative to taking new pictures and processing them to suit your requirements? Save the cost of photo retakes, and invest in color correction. Our team of professionals is uniquely qualified to take up your requirements, and creatively modify and retouch the image colors and aesthetics that will find you pleased with the results.