Effective Ways to Remove White Background in Photoshop

Effective Ways to Remove White Background in Photoshop

Photoshop has plenty of tools to edit the image as per your requirements. In some cases, you would like to remove the white background in Photoshop. It is required to highlight your products or services. With little practice, it is possible to edit the background or foreground.

, Effective Ways to Remove White Background in Photoshop 

Selection of tools 

The removal of the white background should be with the right kind of tool to get a perfect finish. Based on the image quality and color, you should choose the editing tool. A background eraser tool is useful to erase the background when the image comprises a dark color. You can also use the Magic Eraser tool to accomplish the task. If you are working on a stage with a light color, you should use elaborative tools to get accurate images. To get a transparent background, you can use a white and grey grid. 

Erasing with Magic Eraser tool 

Open the image with Photoshop

Position the image at the center of the application. 

Unlock the layer –

As you click on the lock, the layer becomes editable. You are advised to rename the layer with an easily understandable description. On the other hand, you can create a new duplicate layer, and the original layer can be hidden. If there is any error, you will be able to fix it easily. 

Pick the Magic Eraser tool –

Pick the Magic Eraser Tool from the Tools panel. The suggested preferences are tolerance 30 and opacity 100. The Anti-alias should be on. 

Background removal

now, as you click on the white background, the background will be eliminated. The gray shadow will also be removed in this process. If the image comprises of light color shadow, it will disappear. Hence, you can use the background eraser tool. 

, Effective Ways to Remove White Background in Photoshop

Trim the image –

use the ‘trim’ option present in the Image tab to trim the image. If there are leftover transparent bits, they will be removed with the tool. 

Save the file –

You should save the file as ‘PNG’ after completing the editing job. If you save the file as ‘JPEG’, the image will be saved with a white background. You should understand the fact that the background transparency is achieved with the ‘PNG’ file type. Hence, use the following option while saving the file: 

File -> Export ->Save for Web (Legacy)

Removal using the background eraser tool

Pick the background eraser tool. The size should be between 300 and 800 pt. The sampling can be ‘Once’ or ‘Background Swatch’. With a tolerance of 20%, the limits should be ‘Find Edges’. The ‘Protect Foreground Color’ should be checked. 

Place the cursor on the white background, click on the mouse button, and move the cursor to erase it. As the tolerance level is 20%, no other colors will be affected other than white. As you change the tolerance level, more colors will be affected. As per the main picture component, you should try different colors as per your needs. You can erase white pixels with a regular eraser. 

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