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Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing Service

What does Ghost Mannequin Photo Editing mean?

The ghost mannequin effect is an interesting terminology. For those of you who want to start an online clothing store, get used to this unique style of image editing service that has become quite trendy nowadays. It is a very technically sound photo editing job that creates the most realistic impression of a product image. To put in simple terms, consider using a model or a mannequin, and taking several pictures of it from various angles. Now when the photos are processed and combined and the model or mannequin used is removed, the effect is startlingly lifelike and riveting. We’re here to assist you with selling more products with high-quality images.



, Ghost mannequin photo editing

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, Ghost mannequin photo editing

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, Ghost mannequin photo editing

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, Ghost mannequin photo editing

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, Ghost mannequin photo editing

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, Ghost mannequin photo editing


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, Ghost mannequin photo editing


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, Ghost mannequin photo editing


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As this service employs sound technical expertise and a series of steps to be followed to get the required effect, ghost mannequin photo editing is not a simple job.

◘ First, get two pictures of your product – one where the mannequin is donning the clothes, and the other without the mannequin so that the inside label can be seen.

◘ Now using a clipping path technique put together the two photos at the neck.

◘ The effect is visually rewarding as the appearance of a mannequin, invisible to the eye, wearing the product is revealed.

◘ To add variety, you can use trousers or jeans, hats, and wristwatches instead of only clothes for the upper region of the body.

◘ Repeat the procedure with all the products in your clothing line.

, Ghost mannequin photo editing
, Ghost mannequin photo editing

What is ghost mannequin uses?

◘ Customers shopping for clothes online love the idea of knowing how the clothes will look when wearing them, before purchasing. Ghost mannequin photo editing is a customized service meant for that purpose.

◘ The apparels and accessories in your online store adopt a visually fascinating lifelike look when the images are edited using this sophisticated technique.

◘ Clothes look great if they can be checked out front and back, inside and out, with the tags and brand label visible, just like in a physical store. A ghost mannequin effect is designed just for that.

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