We take pride in our services as we deliver each project with hand-crafted expertise. Each project varies in price and details, so if you are running short on time then simply enter a few details to get an approximate quote.

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Clipping Path – $0.29 – $11.79

Product photos with a white background are the ones in high demand by the majority of the consumers. As a matter of fact, these images consume a great amount of time editing them. So Clipping World King with its professional hand-drawn image-editing services helps you to maintain your business focus and boost your revenue while we take care of the rest.

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Multi clipping path service – $0.99-$7.99

Sometimes when you have to need clipped images with finer details, the simple clipping path will not work. Clipping World King is at your service as they can professionally handle the more complex projects requiring multiple clipping paths, all at an unbelievable price range of $0.99-$7.99.

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Background removal service – $0.29-$6.99

At Clipping World King, we use a variety of techniques as part of background removal from images, like clipping and masking the background to remove from your photo just as you need it. Depending on the complexity of the project and technique employed, the price can range between $0.29-$6.99.

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Drop shadow services – $0.20-$2.99

At Clipping World King, we pride ourselves on our expertise in drop shadow services and doing a delicately balanced job to enhance the images you gave us and return your superior-looking photos. You can avail of our expert services at jaw-dropping prices of $0.20-$2.99.

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Photo retouching service – $0.69-$3.99

Retouching images require a deft touch and excellent understanding of how to use Photoshop to edit pictures and make it better, something that professionals at Clipping World King are experts at. And, you don’t have to pay too much, you can get our wide range of services using a variety of techniques for only $0.69-$5.99.

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Image masking services – $0.99-$5.99

One of Clipping World King’s major services that cater to those in the publishing, advertising, or e-commerce business, is photo masking or picture masking, essentially a pre-production service that we excel in. And would you believe the price? It is just $0.99-$5.99 that guarantees the best image masking services you can get.

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Ghost mannequin photo editing – $0.79-$1.99

Clipping World King has taken the art of ghost mannequin photo editing to new levels of professionalism, for we know how authentically and expertly done images are important for you. And we assure you that at the price range of $0.79-$1.99, no one else can offer the same top quality as we do.

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Jewelry photo editing service – $1.99-$4.99

If your jewelry business needs photographs that could use color correction and editing service, at Clipping World King, we handle all types of enhancement, alteration, and modification of color or image exposure. Now, image editing services for jewelry images are available at unbelievable prices of $1.99-$4.99.

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Color variants & color changing – $0.99-$4.99

Clipping World King takes up the challenge to improve the aesthetics of your image as part of our color-changing service, thereby taking color correction jobs to new heights of excellence. As this type of image editing services requires more creative inputs and finer handling, the pricing can vary from $0.99-$4.99.

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Product photo editing service – $0.49-$3.99

Clipping World King is aware that as part of your e-commerce business, you need consistently first-rate product photos to attract more customers and sales. Product photo editing services is thus one of our major offerings to help you in your enterprise and will not cost you too much. Call us to get these services at attractive rates of $0.49-$3.99.


With Clipping World King Edit Credit currency package, you can now save yourself some valuable time and pay for the image-editing services with a click of your mouse.


You do not have to hassle yourself with entering an entire string of payment information and then wait to check if your payment was successful or not.  You use the Edit Credit to just zoom through the checkout process.


Our Edit Credit entitles you to certain benefits. You can avail of free image-editing services with the purchase of Edit Credits. The more you purchase, the more free services you collect for yourself. You can get yourself up to 200 free Edit Credit which is like $200 in your pocket to reduce your post-processing expenses and scale your business.


It is also a helpful option for corporate accounts with multiple employees who can place their orders with the help of Edit Credits.


The validity of your Edit Credits is for one year from the date you purchase them. Purchasing them in bulk will help you to reduce your expenses, even if you have two major photo shoots annually.


You will receive 5 free Edit Credits along with our product and e-commerce photography tips by just entering your email address below


We are all about helping you save money and time. That is the reason you can purchase Edit Credits, bundles of Clipping World King “Cash” that you can use to pay for your Clipping path and image-editing Orders.

  • Basic Plan

  • $15/mo
  • Bundle of 15 Credits

  • Standard Plan

  • $40/mo
  • Bundle of 45 Credits

  • Premium plan

  • $90/mo
  • Bundle of 105 Credits

  • Advanced Plan

  • $240/mo
  • Bundle of 270 Credits

  • Enterprise Plan

  • $490/mo
  • Bundle of 550 Credits

  • Professional Plan

  • $990/mo
  • Bundle of 1100 Credits


We understand if you have hesitation to pay upfront for our services. Don’t worry as you always have the option to approve us for moving forward with your project after you receive your quote from us. Your payment gets processed after you have submitted your payment information and authorized the transaction. We accept payments through PayPal and all major credit cards.


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