Clipping World King Image-Editing Services

We serve our clients with professional Photoshop retouching and clipping path photo-editing services.

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All our photo-editing services

Clipping Path

Hand-drawn clipping path, high-quality image editing, quick turnaround time — all starting at just $0.25 USD/photo.

Background Removal

By using our Image background removal service Make your e-commerce product photo more eye-catching — all starting at just $0.25 USD/photo.

Image Masking

Get HIGH-QUALITY Image Masking service for your E-commerce or Professional use. — all starting at just $0.25 USD/photo.

Drop Shadow

Get HiGH-QUALITY Shadow service for your E-commerce or Professional use. — all starting at just $0.20 USD/photo.

Ghost Mannequin

Include a ghost or invisible mannequin to your apparel and accessory product photos. — all starting at just $0.79 USD/photo.

Photo Retouching

Glamour Retouching Service will make your images pop in print and on the web. — all starting at just $0.69 USD/photo.

Color Variants & Color Changing

Get color variants & color changing. — all starting at just $0.99 USD/photo.

Product Photo-Editing

Get your high-quality image editing and product photo- editing  service — all starting at just $0.49 USD/photo.

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Our Services Are Most Suitable For

Product Photographers

You can now shift your focus to business development and career while we help you to speed your workflow with our professional services

E-commerce Entrepreneurs

We are there to provide you with the support you need with all the tedious tasks and help you to do it all

Online Brands

Hiring an in-house employee is not always cost-effective and the ultimate solution. We are always there to help you if you think your staff may be overloaded with work.

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